Peony Restaurant

Peony restaurant is located in MZ (Mezzanine) level, 9th floor of hotel’s tower building and opens from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Peony breakfast serves jamu, gudeg, omelette, pastry and bakery, dimsum and many traditional Indonesian foods. Enjoy your breakfast with traditional Javanese live gamelan music entertainment and Merapi view. You will be greeted by the strains of gamelan to make the atmosphere more traditional inside the restaurant. Peony restaurant also opens for lunch and dinner and serves variant menu styles such as oriental, javanese, and western cuisine for all guests.

The Restaurant can provide up to 250 persons in indoor area and 300 persons for outdoor area. More interesting, guests can have their meal while enjoying views of Yogyakarta from the heights and also a beautiful scenery from pool. Guests can enjoy the scenery of Merapi and also enjoy the sunrise and sunset view from this restaurant. While, when the night comes, guests also can have a lovely scenery form the light of Jogjakarta city.

Near by the restaurant, we have Peony Sky Garden. Our Peony Sky Garden can be used to make events like garden party, wedding party, birthday party, gathering even romantic dinner and other outdoor events while enjoying the night ambiance of Yogyakarta. When weekend comes, we provide Kids Corner to make children activities and increase their creativity.


  • Daily 6 a.m. to 11 p.m

Mezzanine) level, 9th floor

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